Errata in Divine Worship: Daily Office

This list of errata was developed by a team assembled by Jackson Perry.
The submitted list contains the 96 most serious errors. The team also identified and submitted an additional 198 less serious errors. The submission went in on 5 Jan 2021.
Last updated 12 January 2021. 1 serious and 2 less serious errors were added to the list since the original submission and were submitted on 20 January 2021. An additional error in the Lectionary was added to the "serious" list and submitted on 19 Feb 2021.
Additional errors should be submitted directly to Fr. Perkins at

The errors with the page number marked out were corrected in a subsequent printing in the first year (blue book).

A new green book has been published as of December 2022. Many errors are corrected (e.g. p.51 and p.277). This list will be updated as time permits by indicating that a correction has been made using a green background.