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For the Means of Grace and for the Hope of Glory

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The conference dial-in number is 914-226-2403.† Press 1 to interrupt the welcome message and join the conference unmuted. If you wish to just listen, press any other key to join the conference muted. Once in the conference, you may mute and unmute by pressing "1" on the phone keypad. The assigned reader will need to unmute when he "stands" to read.

If you call in and no one begins within a few seconds after the bells sound, please take on the role of officiant. Those arriving later will join in with you. Please don't get discouraged if occasionally you are the only participant. We are building critical mass.

We are using the official Ordinariate Lectionary published by the Office of Worship of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter.

The Ordinariate Daily Office is awaiting approval from the Vatican. This webpage includes everything necessary to read the Office according to our best understanding of the proposal. See also the Walsingham Publishing Morning and Evening Prayer Book with the Psalter.

Midday Prayer       Compline

The officiants and readers are John & Pam Covert, Deborah Gyapong, Elise Sweet, Sister Mary Margaret, and anyone else willing to lead when none of these are present. Additional officiants and readers are welcome.

The Order for Morning Prayer

Then shall follow a portion of the Psalms, as appointed.

Our local practice for the Psalms (a common one) is to recite them responsively by whole verse, with a distinct pause at the asterisk. The officiant recites the full first verse and the congregation follows with the second. The alternation continues in unbroken sequence through the entire selection and through the Gloria Patri, which is recited only at the end of the entire selection.

See below at the * for a note on our Psalm selection practice.

The Collect of the Day (from Divine Worship: The Missal)

Here endeth the Order of Morning Prayer.

The Order for Evening Prayer

The Collect of the Day (from Divine Worship: The Missal)

Here endeth the Order of Evening Prayer.

* The Lectionary is that specified in the official Ordo for the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter. We generally use the 30-day traditional Psalm cycle from the Prayer Book, as permitted by the Ordinariate Lectionary, but we list for reference the alternate Psalm cycle in the Lectionary. We use the Psalms from the Lectionary on Christmas, Epiphany, The Purification, Ash Wednesday, The Annunciation, Palm Sunday and Holy Week, Easter Day, Ascension Day, Whitsunday, Trinity Sunday, The Transfiguration, All Saints, Thanksgiving Day, and the Solemnity of Title or of the Patron of the Place. We may also use the Psalm from the lectionary at other times, especially Saturdays, Sundays, or the 31st day of the month at the discretion of the Officiant.

† Free numbers in other cities worldwide are available upon request.

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